Is This Kinect's First 'Sex' Game? Or Is It Just The Creepiest?

Microsoft's Xbox 360 camera-controller Kinect has been hacked for dozens of fascinating purposes. Now we have its sleaziest, a working demo of a virtual girl groping "game" that lets you rub down polygonal boobs with your own hands.

Sex video game maker Thrixxx claims it has built a Kinect-based interface for its brand of sex video games, which seem to involve sliding your hands across computer generated T&A for kicks. Clearly there's some work to be done in this NSFW video of digital girls getting pawed by a disembodied hand, because women typically don't like it when you insert your fingers inside their breasts.

Thanks(?) to Gambit09 for the tip!


    Woah - McWhertor started talking about my personal fetish in that last line.

    Ahhhhh Thrixxx, purveyors of fine games that would never be allowed to be sold in Australia.

    There's no link or anything? There's a pic on the list of articles, but not on the article itself?

    And now Microsoft have a killer app for the Japanese market.

      Wrong, they're waiting for a superior 2D anime version.

        don't forget the "tentacles of fate" expansion pack

          Haha, I like that it's not just 'tentacles' pack, it's 'tentacles of fate' pack. Like these tentacles have some sort of ultimate purpose that no matter how hard these girls strive they will never be able to escape their destiny.

    Nope, that is too much work and my hands are needed elsewhere when i play this.

    Someone took penny arcade seriously enough to make a game?

    Well, I've had my fingers inside a breast before, but that was due to a lady with invtered nipples.... and other things.... some may remember.....

    This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content.


    video has been removed on breach of youtubes policy :(

    New working (currently) link:

    Isn't it kind of pointless without any force feedback sensation?

      Could not see it at work yesterday and it was gone by the time I got home. Somehow I suspect it will be the same today.

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