It Takes A Wizard To Steal $US45,000 Worth Of Magic Cards

A former Wizards of the Coast employee from Burien, Washington, stands to lose a lot more than his job as King County prosecutors file felony theft charges over the theft of $US45,000 worth of rare Magic: The Gathering cards.

Twenty-six-year-old Donald J. Henry has been accused of the massive theft after a fellow employee observed a vendor trying to sell the rare cards at a Magic tournament in Portland, Oregon this past September. The employee determined that the vendor and Henry were acquainted and reported the incident to the company.

Henry was hired on at Wizards of the Coast's Renton headquarters in December of 2009, fired in September when an investigation into the incident was launched. The investigation found that during his brief employment Henry had made 70 trips to a storage locker the company uses to hold rare promotional cards - far more than his job description warranted.

A meeting with members of the Wizards of the Coast staff led to Henry's store owner acquaintance returning some 1753 remarkable cards with an estimated market value of $US44,828.

Henry has been charged with fist-degree theft, having admitted to stealing more than 200 of the rare cards returned to the company. Prosecutors seek to prove that he stole the whole lot.

The moral of this story? There is no good reason to dual-class as both a Wizard and a Rogue.



    Fist-Degree Theft... is that like armed robbery? :)

    just out of curiosity, what card is that used as the picture for this article? if it is a card at all.

    Screw the rules, I have Childrens Trading Cards!

    No good reason!?
    Casting invis mid combat.
    Fireball with improved evasion.
    Sneak attack on touch attacks.

    Oh and @kkagari hovering over the pic reveals it's called fortune thief.

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