It's Like Portal With A Powerglove

The Spire is an upcoming adventure game that is played entirely in first-person, is made by a small indie studio, and looks like the bees knees.

You play a man who comes to deep in a mysterious facility in the Antarctic, who has not only lost his memory, but has woken up with a weird tool attached to his arm.

Turns out that tool works like Half-Life 2's gravity gun on acid, and is used to work your way through the seemingly abandoned base, clearing obstacels and solving puzzles.

The production values on this thing look amazing considering it's a small-scale game. It's due on PC, with a release date of, sadly, "TBA".

[via IndieGames]


    Its Like the Grav Gun from HL2 but powerglove style

      Looks exactly like Gravity Gun meets Bioshock.

      the powerglove. it's so bad.

    Why is it that scientists are always so messy leaving their crates everywhere in corridors?

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