Japanese Hostess Sim Dream Club Zero Ups The Naughty Ante

The Xbox 360 game that dared to bring you first-person sausage-feeding of nubile, doe-eyed hostess girls is taking its lack of subtlety to the next level. Meet Dream Club Zero's grabby, bug-swatting mini-game.

Developer Tamsoft's latest... innovation is the "Dream Insect". According to Andriasang, players will be able to brush away bugs from sensitive areas of the hostesses they're trying to charm. Good and bad attempts of insect-removing techniques are shown, but both look like clumsy gropes that serve as an excuse to fondle virtual girls.

More tame touching will also come into play in the latest Dream Club, due next year on the Xbox 360 in Japan, but it's the naughty bugs that will likely garner the most otaku enthusiasm.

Congratulations, Tamsoft. You've done it again.

Dream Club Zero's "Dream Insect" Mini Game [Andriasang]


    Finally, a good use for the kinect

    This is honestly sick. No wonder gamers are frowned upon as immature.

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