Journey Makes Wandering The Desert Look Like A Hoot

Sorry, Nathan Drake, but you and your fully-tucked shirt are not the best thing I saw this week for the PlayStation 3. That honour goes to this trailer for Journey.

That's not to say I'm not excited for some big-dollar, blockbuster thrills come late 2011 from the third Uncharted game, but's pushing some buttons, buttons that haven't been pushed since Shadow of the Colossus came and went all the way back in 2005.

The music, the art style, the wandering around the ruins of a people that came before all looks great. And I haven't even seen the game in action yet, or know what the hell is actually going on.

Be sure to back later for more coverage on how Journey is shaping up!


    These guys' games are art experiences. I'd absolutely buy this even if it turned out that all you did was wander around aimlessly. Beautiful.

      Since it's from the guys who made Flower, there's a good chance that'll be all you're doing. Even then, the billions of grass blades were absolutely mesmerizing and beautiful.

      Unfortunately I'm a 360er, so I won't be able to experience it fully. But definitely looks good, and loved the music.

    Looks great... also I think the character looks a little like a Garo Ninja from Majoras Mask

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