Junglist Speaks Out Against The Australian Christian Lobby

Junglist was the guest Editor over at Kotaku for a good couple of months, he’s also a practising Christian. And a Christian that doesn’t take too kindly to the ACL claiming to represent him and his beliefs in the public sphere. In this blog post over at The Punch, Junglist goes through his reasons for supporting an R18+ rating, but also skewers the kind of backward, fear-mongering tactics employed by the ACL.

It’s a great read, and we salute Junglist for taking the time, as a Christian, to go through the reasons why the Australian Christian Lobby does not represent all Christians.

Here are a few select quotes, but we recommend you head over and read the whole thing.

Great Work Jung.

Gamers are not just kids, they’re also voting Australians. Some of them Christian. And games themselves are not all Halo – the medium is growing in artistic integrity every year.

By not realising this when you speak for us, you not only make yourself look backward, you vicariously make US look backward, and it pisses us off.

Let’s flip the script on the ACL. Let’s let the SCAG know the truth: gamers aren’t a vocal minority – the ACL is. Let’s let the government know the following:

I’m a Christian, and the ACL does not speak for me.

Let’s keep unseemly content away from minors with a consistent, logical classification scheme. Let’s keep religion away from government. And for God’s sake, let’s take the word “Christian” back.

Australian Christian Lobby… I disown thee
[The Punch]


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