Just Cause 2 Might As Well Jump

This base-jump in Just Cause 2 certainly gives new meaning to the term "leap of faith".

Press play, then wait for the parachute to open. You'll, uh, be waiting a while.

Just Cause 2 was a sandbox adventure game released earlier this year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. We never got around to reviewing it, but if you must know what one of us thinks, I rather enjoyed it.


    What video?

      Play button? Where's the play button?

      Oh well, just picked up the game on steam for $7.50. Sale is for today and tomorrow if anyone cares.

        Belatedly fixed. There were some weird broken video issues in US content transfers last night. Sorry!

    The article tells me to press play, but there is no video/link?

    Not very hard to get up to the top of the map, there's actually a hot air balloon you can take up there... although it takes a while

    I picked up a copy of Just Cause 2 cheap a few days ago so I've been playing that a bit recently. It's not bad.

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