Just What Are You Doing With Your Video Game Consoles?

Easy answer would be "play games, stupid". But as our consoles do more and more besides just play games, it's interesting to see exactly what we're doing with them (and for how long) when we're not killing/racing/solving something.

Research firm Nielsen conducted a nationwide survey in October, aimed at determining what percentage of time Americans use a game console for gaming as opposed to other stuff, like watching movies or doing a little social networking.

Some of the key findings were that the PlayStation 3 gets a serious workout as a DVD/Blu-Ray player, with 72 per cent of the console's owners using it for that purpose as opposed to 43 per cent of Xbox 360 users.

Also interesting is some raw usage figures, showing that Xbox 360 owners use their machines for more hours a week than PS3 owners use theirs, and 2-4 times as many as Wii owners, who on average spend only an hour and a half each week using Nintendo's console.

You can see a more detailed break-down of the figures below.

Game Consoles Edge Closer to Serving as Entertainment Hubs [Nielsen]


    My PS3 gets used more as a media player/PVR than a console most days.

    Got a NAS connected sharing all my media with my PS3, and also have a PlayTV connected.

    All this is controlled by my Logitech Harmoney remote via logitech PS3 IR adapter.

    Flawless :)

    Hang about- The Wii ONLY plays games, and (very slowly and impractically) browses net... How do 20% of respondents use it for DVD watching? And 2% for music...? Really? I call shenanigans.

      The 20% is watching video on demand services, like Netflix which is available for Wii in the US. That sounds reasonable given that for many in the US, the Wii is the only console they'd have attached to their TV. You'll also notice that the second graph doesn't even have a bar for Wii in the DVD category.

      As for my own tendencies, just copy Garrick's response word-for-word :)

    I do everything with my PS3, net flix, watch blu ray, and just recently play the Move!

    360 does games, DVDs and iPod playing...mostly games.

    My PS3 has pretty much become a Bluray player, I don't really use it for anything else. Kids have Rockband and Singstar on it so they use those games but thats it. My other PS3 games are gathering dust.

    The Xbox gets used for games and streaming video, music and pictures from the computer. The PS3 keeps losing the connection to the router every few minutes so it's useless for streaming, but the Xbox is hard wired so it works very well.

      @Aaron have you heard of the Move for Playstation? It's pretty sweet!

    I mostly use my 360 for gaming, and also listening to music (digital dukebox). Recently got a PS3 for its exclusive games, and I have been using it for watching ABC (Mr. Bean, Fawlty Towers, Black Books) as well (no ads too!). And of course Blu-Rays. But yeah, consoles have come along way from just playing games, now becoming the central hub of entertainment - especially with the ability to stream from PC.

    My PS3 gets used for games, movies, music. Also TV - I use the ABC iView thing from time to time (not the channel 7 version though, which doesn't offer any of the shows on 7 that I might actually want to watch), as well as PlayTV for recording TV shows. I also occasionally use it for some web browsing, especially YouTube.

    I use my 360 for mp games and exclusives and keep my ps3 for sp games, I also like to watch abc ivew (like v4next says, no ads) and stream/watch movies and listen to music.

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