Killzone 3's Singleplayer Footage Is Worth Taking Cover For

I've been playing, and enjoying, Killzone 3's multiplayer beta for a few weeks now. But singleplayer? Hadn't seen so much. Until this video showed up!

It's 10 unedited minutes of raw gameplay from Killzone 3's singleplayer campaign, taking in a boss fight and lots of trudging through corridors shooting bad guys.

It says a lot for this series that, even on what looks like an iPhone camera, it can still look amazing.

Note, of course, that this being the game's singleplayer campaign, this could all be considered spoiler material, since we have no idea where in Killzone 3's storyline the events take place. You've been warned!

Killzone 3 is, yes, the third game in the Killzone series of sci-fi shooters for PlayStation consoles. It's out on PS3 in February 2011.


    video has been removed

    Isn't it the 4th game? Killzone: Liberation anyone?

    Liberation wasn't counted as a numbered sequel--San Andreas and Vice City style.
    I think that might be what was up, better watch it while you can, it'll probably get removed

      Hmmm, a giant mechanical spider?

      We've never seen THAT in a videogame before...

    sweet jesus that looks hot. Considering how big Killzone's landscapes are, you know that mechanical spider/turret is HUGE. Just hope Elite mode isnt impossible to do, just a bit harder then KZ2 and all is good :D

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