Kinect Hacked To Play World Of Warcraft

We've made it an important milestone in the increasingly long list of hacks that transform Microsoft's Kinect from Xbox 360 motion controller into something grander. World of Warcraft is now playable with Kinect hand-waving action.

The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California demonstrates its Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) technology in this World of Warcraft for Kinect demo. Using open source software and smarts, the eggheads at USC can control some of WoW's simpler actions—movement, spellcasting, targeting—with the Xbox 360 add-on.

FAAST is designed to be used with off-the-shelf game software and can be configured to work with different titles. See the more mobile, possible future of MMO play in this YouTube video.

World of Warcraft with Microsoft Kinect [YouTube]


    I hope actual developers of kinect games are watching all this experimentation, because it's quite exciting.

    Yet again it appears someone else has taken the technology of the kinect and expanded upon it, seemingly making the sensor itself more sensitive and accurate.

      MSFT has limited the senors(if you look at the hardware specs they actually can operate at higher resolutions and are more accurate.) to make sure gameplay is smooth. If you notice all these hacks are on PCs which have MUCH more grunt in both the CPU,GPU & RAM department than a xbox 360s.

      I only point this out to be fair to MSFT who may have to limit it so that game Dev's can keep AAA type graphics while still using the Kinect to it's fullest extent :)

        Good point. Makes you wonder if Microsoft plan on carrying the current Kinect hardware over to the next Xbox, at least at launch. Then they can let developers can get most out of what we have now for a couple of years while keeping costs down both for themselves and for consumers before releasing an updated sensor array. This, of course, is all assuming that the next Xbox won't be entirely motion-control-centric.

    This is absolutely brilliant! I would start playing WoW for this. You can play an RPG and stand up and use hand movements (Maybe foot movements too later on). This could save a lot of lives, keep MMORPG gamers happy and keep them in shape too. Granted it doesn't do cardio much but it will get lots of people more into the feel of exercising.

    WoW: Kinect version would be a definate reason for me to buy a Kinect and also get back into the game as well :). This looks like a lot of fun

    I sent an email to the guys working on FAAST asking them whether they could share the key binds they made to control WoW through the kinect. They posted it onto their website.

    If you have a Kinect and play WoW - give it a try! It's definitely interesting.

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