Kinect Just Filed A Minority Report

So many Kinect hacks have teased a "Minority Report" style interface. Picked at its edges, approached it with half steps. This clip shows it's not only possible with Microsoft's new camera, it's possible right now.

Using Kinect drivers for Linux, some kids from the Robot Locomotion Group and Learning Intelligent Systems teams at MIT have come up with a system that has Kinect detecting all 10 of your fingers, along with your palms, and using them to allow interaction with a display.

The presentation may not be at the same level as the classic science fiction flick, but the level of interactivity (and potential for more) looks to be pretty damn close!


    Am I the only one thinking that there are a lot of people out there doing a lot of things with the kinect, that are a lot cooler than anything Microsoft is trying to do.

    "I have created a user interface like that of a science fiction movie set in the future"

    "I have created a flying drone that can fly by itself and sense obstacles in its way"

    "I let you dance in front of your tv..."

      To be fair to MS; they are without a doubt putting some R&D into this, considering their primary business is personal computing.

      Regardless, people can innovate with MS' tech all they want, MS still owns the patents.

    Kinect: an awesome camera with which you can do some really cool stuff. Oh, and I guess you can "play" make believe games with it too.

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