Kinect's Not So Popular In Japan, But This $1000 Shirt Is

When Kinect went on sale in Japan, there was a big promotional event at a retailer in Akihabara. Over 100 people lined up, and roughly half of them are now in possession of a very valuable collectible.

The first 51 people in line received "Kinect Love" t-shirts signed by idols Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui. Both of them are members of the popular music group SKE48 and appeared in the Japanese Kinect ads.

Over at Japan's Yahoo! Auctions, one of those signed Kinect Love t-shirts is up for grabs. Bidding started at ¥2000 ($25) and is, at the time of posting, over ¥97,000 ($1156). Keep in mind, this lot also includes a small photo signed by both singers.

Shame there isn't this kind of interest in Japan with, you know, the product itself. If only Microsoft had Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui autograph Kinects - all of them.

SKE48 松井珠理奈松井玲奈 サイン入り生写真&サイン入りTシャツ [Yahoo!オークション via はちま起稿]


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