Korean College Student Dies After 12-Hour Gaming Session

There seem to be few gaming stories out of Korea lately that don't involve some sort of fatality. In this case, a 19-year-old college student died after a 12-hour-session with an FPS at an Internet parlor.

The victim, identified only as "Moon," started gaming at 2 a.m., took a break at 10:30 a.m. to get some breakfast, then resumed gaming shortly after. Around 2 p.m. he collapsed and was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced DOA.

Family and friends described the man as "habitually played the online shooting game." What specifically that is, no one knows. Cops are investigating the death.

Korean College Student Dies After 12 Hour Gaming Session [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Thus proving that natural selection is still at work.


    I don't think his death has anything to do with gaming.. I've done 12 hrs of gaming before (though I don't do it anymore)and I sure as hell didn't die.

      I'm sure he'll respawn next map.

        OMG dude! you are the funniest guy EVER! hahahaha you're so cool! hahahahaha.

        Ouch lol! But seriously, I've been part of an 18 hour lock-in at a net-cafe once. It was scheduled to start at 10pm on one night and finish 4pm the next day. We played COD2, Counterstrike, Battlefield Desert Combat (the original desert mod) etc for 18 hours. Nothing happened to us? We had regular toilet breaks, hell we even went OUTSIDE every now and then for ten minutes. If this dudes keeled over dead, I'd say there's far, far more at work here than just simple gaming... diabetes possibly? Severe lack of health maybe?

        I felt terrible laughing at this.

        Lol. One of the best responses ever!
        My jaw aches from the stupid grin I have on my face! *ouch*


    Not to brag about something potentially fatal but I usually host LAN parties at my uni which go from around 11am to 3am with only exhaustion being the result. Then again, those Koreans probably party harder than we ever could.

      OUR 12 hour binges probably aren't even in the same ballpark as these guys. When I have an all-night lan party it's gaming, pizza, movies, drinking etc.

      THIS guy was likely gaming full bore for 12 hours with 400 APM and broke his brain. I'd probably die too.

    this can probably describe many "habitually played the online shooting game"

    12 hours? Pfft, n00b! I once spent nearly 40 playing Ultima V and I didn't even die once (though the lino covering my computer table did nearly melt, who knew the original version of the C64 got that hot?)

    Poor bugger probably had and aneurysm or something but then he was playing a game so thats all the media will focus on

    wow, he took a break but still collapsed? I guess he hadn't been sleeping beforehand, or maybe it was something to do with the food =O
    either way, 12 hours of gaming in one day is probably not healthy. I've probably done 7-8 actually, but I don't do it often.

    Lets be clear...video games did not 'kill' this young man, it's a behavioural issue.

    Sitting on an aeroplane for 12 hours can also kill you.

    Keep it up and you'll have Fox News calling for the head of Bobby Kotick for killing our children...oh wait, carry on.

    Yeh, it does seem kind of odd that he died after only 12 hours. Not only that, he did have a break in between. At his age, he most likely would have already been sick in some way or ingested something he shouldn't have to have died like that. Did someone check his caffeine intake?

    12 hours? These guys are getting softer. A few years ago they were collapsing after 70+ hour marathons. 12 hours pales in comparison. On the otherhand, we don't know how long he had been gaming for/how much sleep he had/what food he ate etc prior to starting his 12 hour block.

      Well games are getting shorter, maybe there's a connection. Hmm, might apply for a governnment grant to see how longer or shorter games affect my lifespan...

    I bludged for a few years playing PC games the entire time.

    I'd stay awake for varied times which I am sure would be far more then 12hrs.. I cannot see how a 12hr gaming session could be the cause of death.

    I once spent all day playing Zelda ( 23.59) on the message. I was young and stupid back then but I didn't die. He probably ate something bad for breakfast:/ was he overweight by any chance?

    Hardly think this is due to gaming, I mean he even had a break for breakfast showing that he isn't that full on with his gaming

    what sh.ts me most about these types of things is that they never advise cause of death?!

    How about a little heads up yo?!

    Cull the weak

      Guh, shut up Bill Hicks.

    What the hell? This had nothing to do with gaming. 12 hours with a break is nothing. What a stupid article.

    12 hours gaming with a break, including going home for said break. No worse than working a 12 hour shift with a break. Definitely some other factor having influenced his death.

    Wow. People rushing to the '12 hours with break? WHAT A GODDAMN PUSSY!'

    We don't know shit about the case. He could EASILY have had a weak heart, varicose veins, DVT, or any of the millions of problems that human beings are occasionally pre-disposed to, and die all the time whether they're in front of a computer or lying in bed.

    Considering the popularity of PC Bangs in Korea (probably 50% of the country is online between 6-12pm), it was only a matter of time before someone died from relatively mild gaming.

    I nearly had a heart attack myself when I read "Moon", aka the Korean WC3 progamer on WeMade Fox.

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