Kotaku Awards: Best PC Game Of The Year

We’re approaching the end of the Kotaku reader nominated awards, and today it’s the turn of PC Gaming. Despite the naysayers and their naysaying, it was actually a pretty awesome year for PC Games, and that was reflected in this vote. And the winner is [rustles penultimate imaginary envelope] …

Mass Effect 2

This was closer than I thought it would be. With the console game of the year being neck and neck between Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2, I though that the absence of RDR in the PC voting would have Bioware’s masterpiece running away with the prize. But, actually, it was quite close.

Mass Effect garnered over 27% of the vote, but Starcraft II came rattling in behind with 21%. Minecraft came in third, convincingly, with 17%.

Readers Choice
I’ve disagreed with you guys on two out of three of the awards so far, but on this occassion I think Kotaku chose wisely.

I’m glad Mass Effect 2 won best PC game, mainly because I think it deserves Kudos for being perhaps the best story driven game I’ve ever played, with one of the most extensive universes ever created, in any medium.

During an interview with Casey Hudson a while back, he told me that Mass Effect’s universe was, first and foremost, always the priority in Mass Effect 2, and the everything else – in particular the story – flowed as a result of the time spent developing that world. This shows in every aspect of the game. The world you exist in feels real, therefore it feels worth saving.

And the build up, the relationships you create with the character, everything feels worthwhile – so when the consequences of your actions slowly spill over during the game’s conclusion you begin to question yourself, you feel remorse – as if the consequences of your actions have actual weight.

The best thing I can say about Mass Effect 2 is that it matters. The story matters, the way it plays out matters, your comrades matter. It’s an incredible game and a brilliant pick for PC game of the year 2010.

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