Kotaku Awards: The Best Mobile/Handheld Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards: The Best Mobile/Handheld Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards: The Best Mobile/Handheld Game Of The YearAlright folks, the results for indie game of the year and console game of the year are in – now it’s the turn of Mobile/Handheld games. So which did you vote in as the best of 2010? [Rustles yet another imaginary envelope.]

And the winner is…

Angry Birds

This category was a bit of a blow out, with Angry Birds receiving 29% of the vote. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver came in second with 13%. There were a bunch of stragglers coming in with 8% including Cut the Rope and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Editor’s Choice

This year has been an interesting one for mobile gaming, with the iPhone overtaking the Nintendo DS as my format of choice when it comes to gaming on the move. Still, I enjoyed a handful of DS games this year, my favourite being Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. The PSP had a handful of awesome games this year as well – Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is probably the most accomplished PSP game ever made.

But ultimately, given the amount of time I’ve spent playing on my iPhone, it was inevitable that my mobile/handheld game of the year would be one from the App store. Angry Birds was good, but felt like a game I had played before, Cut the Rope had interesting mechanics, but felt short and a little undercooked.

Game Dev Story, however, was the most compulsive, engaging, hilarious experience I’ve had on a mobile platform this year. It’s a slow burn – the game doesn’t necessarily reward you in the beginning – but once you get a feel for the mechanics and how they entertwine, it’s becomes the most addictive game on the planet. I started playing during one of my good friend’s wedding. I missed the entire ceremony, and ignored all of the speeches during the reception to continue playing. I’m ashamed to say that I only stopped because my iPhone battery went dead.

In a sense, Game Dev Story is nothing more than a glorified poker machine, but the set up, the parody, and the rewarding manner in which you progress makes it my favourite mobile/handheld game of 2010.


  • Angry Birds?!

    It beat Pokemon?! It beat Game Dev Story?! It beat MGS?!

    My faith in the handheld community just dwindled…

  • I think the mobile and handheld categories really need to be split up, at least for the moment. I’ll accept them together maybe when the PSP phone is released.

  • I had a post explaining the reasons behind my choices but Kotaku died when I posted it and I lost it.
    So let’s just say that my choice was Rune Factory 3, with Valkyria Chronicles 2 as a runner up.

  • I agree that mobile and handheld should be separated. To me a mobile game is a short and small game that I pull out of my pocket when I’m waiting at a bus stop or commuting. I don’t expect a lot of depth in the game, a simple, addicting time waster is fine. Something that I can start in very short time, and finish at any time.

    On the other hand, I expect a handheld game to contain much more depth, better gameplay, graphics, story, control, etc etc. It is something that I would spend some time sitting down somewhere nice and cozy and enjoy.

    • iPhone ports of popular games such as Phoenix Wright, Super Monkey Ball, Monkey Island 1+2, Final Fantasy 1+2 combined with Original games such as Song Summoner, Chaos Rings, Zenonia 1+2, and Game Dev Story would say otherwise.

      On that note, I didn’t see the appeal in Angry Birds. Game Dev Story, on the other hand, is the most addictive thing since I’ve played since Monster Rancher on PSX <_< And boy, was I addicted to that game.

    • Sylphier knows where it’s at. I agree that the two should be separated. Are you seriously saying that Angry Birds is better than Professor Layton and the Unwound Future? Or any number of great DS games? Angry Birds is good for an iPhone game. Mobile games are different to hand-held games – on the whole, they are much simpler. That doesn’t mean they are “bad” but I have yet to see a Mobile game with a good story or great depth.

    • But if you make that kind of split, you’ll find “mobile” and “handheld” games on both the DS/PSP and iPhone/Android.

      There are substantial games available for phones, and there are pick up and play games for the traditional handheld game devices.

      If people are using both classes of devices in similar situations, why not treat them as a single category?

  • I think the categories should definitely be split but even in the Mobile category, Angry Birds should not have won. Are there a million casual iPhone fans lurking this site we don’t know about? “OH COOL! TOUCH CONTROLS! BEST. GAME. EVER!”

    The mechanics are paper thin, the premise also equally rudimentary. Even in the ‘play it for 10 minutes on the train’ category, Cut The Rope, Game Dev Story and Rage HD are far superior.

    Possibly the least deserving winner.

  • angry birds isnt that good can’t skip levels and i seriously dont get what the heck is with all the people that thinks cut the rope is awesome looks shit to me

  • I dont know about these Angry Birds. But I am crazy over Persona 3 Portable on the PSP. It is the best handheld RPG I’ve ever played, with an ample dose of Japanese kookiness thrown in.

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