Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite Mobile/Handheld Game


    Golden Sub, some classic underwater espionage action to be had. Gets my vote.

    I wanted to vote for super scribblenauts, but game dev story won me over for being something a little different that was really good to play.

    When you look at this list though, you realise why nintendo is bringing out the 3ds. There really just hasn't been much in the way of must have games on the ds anymore. Hopefully okamiden will fix that and be the ds's last hurrah :D

    Where the poodle is Dragon Quest IX? I voted for pokemon 'cos voting other is a total waste...

    I don't think you should put mobile games and psp/ds games in the same category.

    Age of Zombies all the way. It's hilarious, very replayable, and best of all, Australian made!

    Golden Sun DS

    So. Golden Sub... cousins with Yellow Submarine? In all seriousness, it was voted as the best of the year. The handheld/phone categories really should be split though.

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