Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game

Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite PC Game

Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Favourite PC GameLast week we took nominations for the best PC game of the year – now we’re asking you to vote for the ultimate winner.

So what’ll it be? Vote in the poll below and, if you’re feeling saucy, let us know how you voted in the comments below.


  • We should break this into different categories. Ignore platform and go with like, “Best Big-Budget Game” or something like that. Being able to vote for CoD and ME2 on PC and console just doesn’t make sense.

    • We’re limited to five categrories, just for timing reasons, I thought it might be best to go through platforms instead of genre, which I prefer. There’s bound to be crossover no matter what we do really.

      • this easily goes to SC2 as its the only big budget PC game, and whats more is in the niche market of the RTS and has sold more copies on its plaform than ME2 and the POS:BO

        • Civ5 and Fallout aren’t big budget? I mean the opposite of Indie. If we can name Indie titles as lower budget, small teams not big publishers, we could do the same thing in reverse.

          But yeah Mark I appreciate there’s no perfect system really, I just don’t see a lot of points of difference worth noting in awards for the games based on console vs PC.

        • Big budgets and sales figures don’t always mean game of the year. In the end it does come down to personal preference.

          ME2 for me, its a game I’ve been running back to so many times since it’s release. Great story and themes that kept me on the edge of my seat. And that final scene… where’s ME3. 🙂 New Vegas would also be a contender but the large amount of bugs and technical problems with it knocked it out of contention.

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