Kotaku Awards: Vote For Your Overall Favourite Game Of The Year!

Alright folks, this is big one - overall game of the year. This category encapsulates everything: flash games, console games, mobile games, handheld games, PC games - everything! There's a pretty epic list of nominations in here. Choose wisely!

Also, just a reminder that you can head here if you've missed the other polls. Voting closes early next week.

What Was The Best Overall Game Of 2010survey software


    This is "really" difficult. They're all GOTY.

      Indeed. I voted RDR because it was sort of a surprise how much I enjoyed it.

        same same

    Mass Effect 2 for me.

      Me too, but cripes that's a tough choice.

      It might have sold huge, but I don't think CoD was really GoTY material.

    Mass Effect 2.

    *glances at games sidebar*


    Going for Red Dead, as a new game, all on its own without needing a prequel or sequel (which counts out Assassin's Creed and ME2, my other two likely favorites).

    Its also done justice to a genre not often tapped for videogames, and created some good fun along the way.

      I thought it was the sequel to Red Dead Revolver...

        I wish they hadn't bothered with any affiliation to Red Dead Revolver at all. They should have just called it 'Redemption'.

        That would have been bad ass.

          RDR was by far my most intense and enjoyable gaming experience of this year.

          The multiplayer has been a let-down as i can never find a lag free game here in Aus, but the singleplayer, the characters and story -- A+ title.

          Would pay way too much for some more singleplayer DLC, actually in-story stuff.

    Has to be Heavy Rain for me.
    Such a memorable, deep and beautiful game.

    Heavy Rain: so memorable. :) It took risks and innovated whilst still being amazing from both a technical and story/character perspective - which is an absolute rarity.

    Poor Alan Wake - It really was a fantastic game, but didn't get the marketing it needed :(

    Mass Effect 2 here, but as above... so many GOTYs! A great year for gaming.

    Has to be red dead redemption for me. It was a surprise how good it was. I still play it now even though I finished it a long time ago

    Yea had to RDR for me. Played it religiously for two weeks til I had 100% complete and didn't regret a minute of it. ME2 was a close contender but the levels were a little too linear for me and the item selection was a bit limited. Loved it all the same but it just didn't have the freedom of movement that Red Dead did (I know I am opening myself up for correction, and I hear you, I did love ME2 as well). Halo Reach was brief contender as Halo was the reason I bought an xbox and an xbox 360 and it was a great game but it just wasn't... awesome? enough? Anyway had my say and my vote.

    theres been some epic games but i chose heavy rain because of how innovative it was and the story was compelling

    Starcraft 2, easily. It's taken over my every waking hour whether by playing, reading strategies or watching the GSL/Casters.

    Would have gone with Starcraft II, but that's like voting Greens, so I went with the other, very close silver Mass Effect 2...

    Well, this sucks. Having not had a TV this year, i've played... angry birds? minecraft? No reach or galaxy 2 for me :(

    I had a choice between metro 2033 and RDR.
    i based my vote on story so i chose metro cause that was the first time i enjoyed standing around talking to people talking about the old russia.
    RDR will win due to all elements combining to make an epic game.

    Didn't play rdr yet. so I chose smg2.
    Gow3 have not played either.
    Like everywhere else rdr will win.

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