Kotaku Community Playdate: Update

Hey everyone, I think this one is long overdue. I've been wanting to organise a Kotaku Community Playdate since I started, and now is the time.

This Friday at 9pm, if you guys are up for it, I'd like to set up some games for the Kotaku community, but I'm happy to leave it up to you guys to choose between...

- Halo: Reach - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Call of Duty: Black Ops

I'm pretty easy between those three, although I don't play much COD, and I've yet to even try Brotherhood online. Let me know what you'd prefer in the comments below and if there isn't a consensus we'll just play Reach, because that's my favourite and it's the game I'm best at!

To begin with we're going to run it on 360 across LIVE, but PS3 owners, I'll definitely organise a PS3 playdate in the near future.

I'll probably have to do a massive friends list cull - but my gamertag is DriestBobcat. Feel free to add me and we can get this going on Friday!

UPDATE: Really sorry guys I'll have to postpone this until next Friday. I forgot about our Christmas party and now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to get home in time. Really sorry everyone. Hopefully you guys can still get some games in!


    GT: Banderdash.

    I've got both Reach and Black Ops... so either is awesome

    I vote for Reach. Can try out the new MLG playlist and the DLC for those who have it already, or do some Zombies in Black Ops (the only reason I play it)

      GT: Repneiras

    Since I'm currently off Xbox live gold at the moment (leaving the country soon for to spend the summer), so I'll leave my boyfriend's gamertag instead: i3illol. My own gamertag is niewho (feel free to add me for no online multiplayer benefits lol). Although he has all 3 games, I haven't really got into FPS online multiplayer. My preference would be AC: Brotherhood > Halo Reach > COD Black Ops. I'm kind of excited and nervous because I haven't participated in any sort of community playdate before! :)

      I think the 24-hour gold trials lying around are expired already :\ unless someone would be kind enough to spare me one for the playdate, I'll probably just play on my bf's account.

        If you really want to use your account you could hit up: gamecard.com.au
        $4 for 48 hours of xbox live, code sent in an email.

    Yeah, +1 Halo: Reach for me!

    I have dipped into AC:B multiplayer, and boy, is it stressful!
    Casually walking around and BAM you get knifed..! Pretty fun though.

    Up for some Reach.

    GT: Shatterfront

      Woot, you are already on my friends list.

    I'm up for some Halo: Reach, it's the only game out of the 3 listed that I have (the other two are on the PS3)

    GT: chibiandy

    I'm up for hitting up some Reach.

    GT: AshuraMGS3Sub

    And yes, there is an extremely lame story to go along with the GT name, but only those I play tonight may find out. ^^

      Hey didn't you used to post on DoesMannerism?

    I'd love to join in with some Reach!

    GT: Hero2230

    Gah, only just read the update AFTER adding everyone! Oh well, I'll be on if people are up for some Reach. Otherwise I guess we'll have to try next week.

    Thankfully Mark isn't available tonight because I need to work on a uni assignment now. :D Next Friday would be awesome!

    Just wanted to say that I played a few games of Reach tonight with people here and it was fantastic to be able to play as a team for once.

    Really, really enjoyed it - so thanks for the ggs.


      Yeah, I had to go by 1am (sorry!) but the games were still going and I was having a great time - I laughed, I cried and I'll try to get a mic. for next time.

      It was awesome guys, really enjoyed it, even if Mark couldn't make it. We should make it a regular thing. :3

        I couldn't make it last night... but I'd be up for a regular "Gaming with KotakuAU" night.

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