Kotaku Goes Mobile

Yep, it's taken a while, but we've listened to your pleas and responded! We now have a mobile version of the site for smart phones - and it's quite clean and sexy if you ask us! Gordon Gecko approves of this message - need we say more?


    Yay. Typing on the iPhone on the new site. Looks pretty snazzy. Will check it out more on the train. Awesome work guys.

    Dammit Kotaku, quit making me want a smart phone.
    *rocks in the corner, covers eyes and chants 'I don't need one...I don't need one...'*

      Better to have a dumbphone than have one of the worst 'smartphones' ever released. Yes, N97 (mini), I'm talking to you.

        Nokia N97 / N97 mini

        I was thinking of getting that! :O

        Thanks so much for the warning.

    Lookin pretty good on my androd :D

    I just want to say that Gecko is the sexiest wall streeter ever to have wall streeted!

      I would have said Kathleen Turner is sexier, but comparing recent pictures of them both, i'm not too sure...

        Did Kathleen Turner ever bang a spanglish woman less than half her age?

        I don't think so.

    Pleasant surprise while browsing on the train. Looks great on Galaxy S, great work!

    Sweet! Looks good from the toile.. I mean study. Kinda shocked me that I didn't have to pinch and zoom.

    That's pretty cool. I don't actually own any smartphones, but I have been using kotaku.com.au as a test site for every smartphone I try in store... since it will probably be the most visited site once I do have one :D


    Using kotaku mobile right now :-) it's a massive improvement for fellow smart phone users :-)

    Verrrry happy. Replying from my HTC Desire right now... this is gonna make a huge difference.

    hopefully lifehacker turn there one back on sometime...

    Can't see it on WP7... is there a different URL or something?

    Looks good on my android based Galaxy.


    Looks great on both Desire and IP4, will test WP7 once I get my hands on one.

      I've got one... it looks like the normal Kotaku page.

    No workies on wp7 :'(

    Looks awesome, I frequent the side using an iPhone or iPod Touch, so this will definitely improve my enjoyment of the website.

    Thanks Kotaku AU :)

    About time! looks perfect on my Nexus One.

    OH it's so pretty and fast loading!

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