Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Work Stoppage Winners

Last week's challenge: Imagine a world in which negotiations broke down and video game performers went on strike. Video game characters of the world unite! You've got nothing to lose but your pixels.

artisttheone (4) kicked off the unsafe conditions theme with a pissed off Super Meat Boy. AcidCrownie (2) continued it with the obligatory Asshole Dog entry, and thanks for that. Packetloss (15), gives us the obligatory Bad Dudes entry, and thanks for that.

GamerKT (11) and simply_androoo (18) gave us games with some key characters present, others missing. I guess Snake's not union? OctaneHugo's joke is funny if you remember the 1987 NFL players' strike. Bouchart (5)and liniert99 (13) support real miners with virtual ones.

My favorites: A tie between AgentRayBans (3) and RandMan612 (16). Congratulations everyone, we'll see you in here tomorrow.


    I see Weegee :D

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