Late December Is Japan's Last Big Chance To Play Dress Up

Comiket, née Comic Market, is a twice annual event held in Tokyo for self-published comic books. Fans flock not only to check out comics, but check out the cosplayers.

The comics might be total originals or could feature new spins on anime, manga or video game characters. Most of the works are published in short print runs and some of them end up fetching high prices online.

Outside the convention hall, cosplayers mill about and have their photos taken. Some of the outfits are purchased, while some are handmade. The entire spectacle of the event is best summed up in these intricate and often very flashy outfits.

[コミケ79]ガチからネタまで、コスプレいろいろ【ギャラリーその1】 [Kotaku Japan]

[コミケ79] おヒゲがチャーミング! スーパーマリオシスターズ・コスプレ [Kotaku Japan]

【速報】「私は コミケと いう名の 戦場に きています」2010年人気キャラが集う コスプレダイジェスト1 【コミケ79レポ】 []

【速報】コミケ&となコス コスプレダイジェスト2 【コミケ79レポ】 []

「コミックマーケット79(C79)」レポート :おた☆スケ -おたくのスケジュール帳- [Ota-Suke]


    I like how in the description you never mention that the majority of the comics are "erotic" spinoffs :P

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