LEGO Black Ops Gets Stabby

The Custard Clan do some pretty incredible things with LEGO. Basically recreating the kind of scenarios you created as a five-year-old chomping on action figures, they create incredible stop motion videos using LEGO. This time round it's the turn of Call of Duty: Black Ops to get the LEGO treatment.

They do some pretty incredible things here - LEGO head getting blown off by sniper rounds, shotgun blasts to the chest. It doesn't strictly stick to the Black Ops storyline, but it is pretty hilarious none-the-less.


    Wow! That was really boring!

    I liked it. Only because it made me think "yep, this is what most Black Ops FFA matches look like" hahaha

    That's some damn nice stop motion right there.

    That was funny as.

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