Let The Steam Holiday Sale Commence

Steam is ringing in the season with ridiculous savings on some of the best games available for the PC and Mac, with weekly and daily specials from now through January 2. Now how much would you pay?

I don't feel I'm exaggerating in the least when I call the sale prices Steam is putting on PC and MAC games and publisher bundles ridiculous. They've got the newly-released Oddworld Oddbox at 50 percent off, for example. That's Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath for $US12.49. Ridiculous, right?

Along with normal sales, Steam will also feature a Holiday Bonus Sale each day, which will require users to qualify for additional savings. For instance, players that own Team Fortress 2 will gain an extra 10 percent off on Portal today.

Here's a list of the titles kicking off the first round of savings:

F1 2010 50% Battlefield Bad Company 2 66% Fallout 3 (Game of the Year) 33% The Deus Ex Collection 85% LEGO Batman 75% Peggle & Peggle Nights 60% Prince of Persia (Franchise) 75% Portal 75% F.E.A.R. (Franchise) 75% Titan Quest Gold 75% Super Meat Boy 75%

Why are you still here? You should be shopping.


    FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU why couldn't they start this AFTER payday. At this rate I will never own a copy of Fallout 3.

    The Deus Ex Collection for $3, thank you very much!

    The Valve Pack is 'not available in your region'.

    I wonder why that's the case? We've had access to Valve compilations in the past. Interesting.

      It probably contains the non-modified version of Left 4 Dead 2...

        They should just man up and sell it anyway. Stuff the government and their stupid censorship. Like they'd have the guts to do anything about it anyway, they'd let it go for a good 6 to 12 months before announcing an inquiry, then after that's finished 12 months later analyse it for another 12 months, then give Valve a slap on the wrist.

        C'Mon Valve! Show some guts! Stick up to the oppressors!

          It's easy to be an activist when you have nothing to lose. Valve is a major company and if they brazenly disobeyed federal law, they'd be penalised, risk distribution for subsequent games in this country, and their operation would be shut down because they're still using infrastructure from the Australian government and private telcos for distribution.

            The Valve Complete Pack was 25 dollars for a bit there. I already have it so I didn't need another copy, but it would have been nice to buy it before they noticed their mistake and raised it to 50$.

            I ended up buying PB. Winterbottom, Super Meat Boy and The Oddboxx. Lots more games there but I didn't want to splurge and not play them.

    It's a shame Steam won't let me purchase anything with my new debit card, says my card info is incorrect :\

    Noooo I just got enough cash together after last years sale. Darksiders is half price!!! But do I wait to see if it comes up in a daily deal or go now??? Oh damm it. Only Valve could turn a sale into a mind game of epic proportions

      I'm sure the sales are on till january 4, so you can wait

        2nd(technically the 3rd at 5am for us i think)

    Thank the maker you can access Steam via a regular browser, going on holidays for a week and don't want to miss the sales! Today I bought Battlefield Bad Company 2, only want the SP so was waiting for a price drop...

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