Let's Unbox A PC Game From 1993!

Unboxings. They're a little strange for contemporary games or products, since those taking an interest will surely be opening one themselves soon enough. But unboxing old games? That's like cracking open a time capsule, and feasting on the history within.

This is my original copy of 1993's Day of the Tentacle, which has been coming in and out of my possession for years now as I've moved around the country/planet. Seeing as it's in my house now, and looked in good condition, I thought what the hell, let's open it up and see what horrors lie inside.


    Takes me back, I had so much fun playing that game as a youngling.

    I still have Space Quest III and Kings Quest II (for Mac, no less) in boxes, somewhere.

      Speaking of Sierra, they also did the newspaper-ish thing. The earliest one I remember having was dated around 1987 or 1988 I think. There should be one in the Space Quest III box.

    Lucasart adventure games, a huge part of my childhood, they should retouch the art like they did with monkey island and put it out on the iphone, I mean all the old lucasart adventures, indiana jones and the fate of atlantis as well. Kids who never got to play these missed out. I wonder why lucasarts decided to step out of gaming like they have, they used to make the best games.

    I have the outlaws box and game (before lucas arts went crap.

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