Looks Like We're Getting Another Prototype Game

A second Prototype game? How many people actually want this?

I ask sincerely, because while the first game was OK, it wasn't the kind of game you'd expect to see a sequel for, especially in a genre where games are so hard to make and which is so dominated by the Grand Theft Auto series.

Anyway, the "Murder Your Maker" website, launched to tease a trailer due to be shown at the Spike Video Game Awards later this month, has been updated today to show a brief clip. Brief as it is, though, it's long enough to seemingly tip the game's hat, full as it is with shots of the first Prototype and imagery of New York, the city in which the first game was set.

The Spike Video Game Awards are on Saturday, December 11.


    The first Prototype was actually pretty fun, Luke just needs to deal w/ it.

    I loved the first one, the feeling of being extremely powerful was awesome! Loved the running system, could never get tired of sprinting up a skyscraper and gliding off the top of it.

    First Prototype was a blast. I've been waiting for a sequel for ages.

    Prototype was a badly-written InFamous. It could have been fine but it did a number of things really really poorly:

    1. The physically painful story especially the dialogue/voice-acting.

    2. One big island, open from the start. No sense of progression by moving through the space since its all open at the beginning.

    3. Powerful skills opened up in the first half hour of the game. Again, little to no sense of progression.

    4. Combine 2 and 3 and you get samey samey samey gameplay from about the 30 minute mark.

    That's from a critical standpoint. Not going to tell anyone they are wrong for enjoying the crazy beat-em up action. Sorta taps into that old Battletoads or Double Dragon kind of game. If they fix these things in the sequel, the game could be just as good as InFamous, which I rate really highly as a great game.

      Finished Prototype twice, couldn't even manage to finish inFamous once because I found it boring, repetitive and bland.

      Its an entirely personal thing, but I just found Prototype much more to my liking and have great fun with it. So I'm glad its getting a second chance, since there was a bigger overarching story there that I'd like to see answered a bit more.

        Exactly the same for me. I loved Prototype, but could not drag myself through Infamous. I don't understand how people can call Prototype repetitive, when Infamous was pretty much 'shoot bolts at enemies, unlock new ability, new ability now allows you to zoom in and shoot bolts at enemies' -_-

      Personally, I wouldn't have bought Prototype myself, but after receiving it as a gift, and playing through it a couple of times, and while I didn't think it was a great game I had to admit that I actually did have fun with it. Sure it did get a bit repetitive while grinding through it to get that platinum, but the boss battles at higher difficulties were hard enough to still be an entertaining challenge.

      After realising this, I went out and bought inFamous and boy was I disappointed. Despite this I did play through it enough to get its platinum, but I did so begrudgingly, and only because even before completing the first playthrough, I had decided that this was going to be the first PS3 game I'd bought in 3 years that was going to be traded in.

      Compared to Prototype, inFamous felt a lot less mature. Sure it had a morality spin to it but I never felt as if my choices to be good or bad ever influenced anything in the story. The boss battles were too easy, even on the hardest difficulty, the way it "pulled" you to surfaces you didn't want to land on when in the air 90% of the time, but when it counted, did nothing, even the side missions seemed uninspired. Regardless of who copied who, the "race through the marker" missions in prototype were much more challenging, and the fact that they included time bonuses and could be redone to try and improve on your last run added to the challenge.

      Having said all that, I dont think I'll be buying the sequels to either game. I'd much rather spend my money on the next offerings of Naughty Dog, Rockstar or Bethesda.

    First prototype was great, whats your issue?
    I loved it, though a multiplayer feature wouldve been nice, but it was good for me to take back to EBGames within 7 days.

      im with you BUT WHATS WITH ALL THE DAM RUNNING BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS ACROSS THE MAP TO MAKE THE GAME GO FOR LONGER!!!! would have preffered a shorter game than to all those croos-city chases etc. BTW youre a genius with the EB stinge-fest. ive been doing it with games since mass-effect2. done it with over 50 games lol.

    Bluh, I found the first prototype had clunky, frustrating controls, I hated pretty much every character, and had no fun at all playing it. They're going to have to improve it significantly to draw my interest again.

    I quite like Prototype. I only actually picked it up a few months back and the running/ gliding is great fun. The combat is pretty simplistic but looks superb. The story was a bit messy but overall a great game and maybe one a little underappreciated.

    inFamous sucked. Boring as hell.

    Really looking forward to seeing more and more on this.

    being a PC gamer I found Prototype to be like Saints Row 2 and GTAIV; it seemed like it would be quite entertaining for the scope of the gameplay, even if the ongoing narrative were to be ignored, and yet it was so poorly optimised that some systems that were suitably overspec couldn't get more than a stuttery 15-18FPS even with the detail settings stripped down!

    So 4/5 for potential, 1/5 for execution... here's hoping the next one at least tries to fix that much

    I loved the first Prototype, despite the crappy voice acting and some hokey plot holes, the game was mad fun, it was like getting to play as an end game boss from Resident Evil for the whole game.

    I liked inFamous as well, it's plot was much better, but while it's electric powers were fun they certainly didn't have that, 'Holy crap I'm a super monster who jump kicks helicopters and elbow drops tanks' level of awesome.

    i thought it was extremely fun, it had a sense of, "you have a giant blade for an arm, go mess stuff up" i didn't care about the story, the gameplay itself made it a good game.

    but this sequel better not be some new weapons and abilities, i hope it is in somewhere different then manhattan, and has some new game modes, like multi-player, or this time they will actually put in co-op

    In summary...


    Prototype was OK. I got bored after a couple of hours, to be honest - it got very boring and repetitive very quickly. Nice idea, but poorly implemented.

    InFamous was pretty much the same deal for me.

    ugh really

    the only enjoyable thing was spam killing helicopters

    the game wasn't a challenge and you basically started of uber and became super uber.

    forced myself to finish it to write my review on it. which is never a good sign.

    infamous was better but not by a lot, but it seemed to mix things up more.

    First one was very... 'meh'

    Game was awesome, absolutely loved every moment. Would definately pick this up without a second thought.

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