Lucky There's A New Family Guy Game On The iPhone

There's a new platforming shooter starring Stewie and Brian of Fox comedy Family Guy travelling through time battling twisted versions of the show's regulars? That reminds me of the time I realised I can't summon irreverent pop-culture flashbacks on command.

Glu Mobile and Fox Digital Entertainment team up to deliver Family Guy: Time Warped to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The game tosses baby Stewie and dog Brian back in time, where they have to evade the Time Police while fighting against historical characters like Roman Emperor Quagligula and Egyptian Pharaoh Joe Swanson. It's one of the few video games where you'll be able to play as a baby beating his mother with a baseball bat, which is almost certainly a selling point for somebody.

"We're excited to extend the Family Guy franchise with a laugh-out-loud adventure that puts the Family Guy gaming experience in a brand new setting," said Giancarlo Mori, chief creative officer at Glu. "With its original humor, outlandish storyline and well-known characters, Family Guy: Time Warped will appeal to fans and newcomers alike."

Oh that Family Guy.

Family Guy: Time Warped is now available for $5.99 for iPhone and $8.99 for iPad in the iTunes App Store.


    Not the dumbest thing they've ever done Lois.
    Remember that time they took the mystery box over the speedboat?

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