LunchTimeWaster: Bazooka That Veruca

Do you like Angry Birds? Research concluding that every human being in the known universe owns a copy suggests the answer is yes. In that case we thoroughly recommend you try out Flaming Zombooka 2, which is pretty much exactly the same game. With bazookas.

The game is simple - using your mouse you have to aim at, and shoot, zombies. As the levels progress, an increasingly difficult puzzle element is introduced - as well as humans, who you are not allowed to shoot.

Flaming Zombooka is the kind of game that would probably work well on a mobile device, but it also plays just fine with a mouse. Give it a gander folks.

Flaming Zombooka 2


    good game but difficulty curve goes nuts only shortly in

    Whoa. Talk about coincidence. I discovered this game all of 3 hours ago.

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