LunchTimeWaster: Endeavor

After yesterday's slightly rubbish LunchTimeWaster, I'm pleased to report that today's effort is absolutely spectacular. Endeavor is one of the best flash games I have ever played.

It combines the atmosphere of an early Square-Enix title with the platforming and upgrade mechanics of a streamlined Metroidvania. It has charm, and we absolutely love the endurance bar, which makes even the most banal platforming seem meaningful. Endeavor is a game that has real weight. It really took me back to a simpler kind of gaming, managing to hit me right in the nostalgia bone whilst keeping me compelled with a simple, well paced story that unfolds as you play.

I loved it, and I think you will too. Endeavor is a genuinely beautiful experience.

Endeavor [Newgrounds]


    Yeah, I played this last week. I was going to retry it and get the "bad" ending too, but I forgot, thanks for the reminder, Mark! :D

    In terms of the game itself, I loved it! :D
    I spent a bit too much time at the rightmost area of the map trying to get the last piece, but I couldn't... that is literally the only reason I got the good ending. I gave up! XD

    I have to go back and try again :D

    After i fell down i couldnt get past the part with the water (i.e. going after the first gem).


    Hey that was pretty sweet. Music made me feel like I was playing Harvest Moon haha. I kind of gave up after 4 gems though ^_^

    I got stuck on a piece of the landscape :( It looked good though.

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