LunchTimeWaster: F*** This Game

This weeks LunchTimeWaster was actually made by a reader of Kotaku but, having played it, I still don't know how I feel about it!

F*ck This Game is truly a bizarre experience. It starts off with a single, one button game. Super simple; super basic. Then a second game appears. Another one button game. Super simple.

But then a third game pops on the screen. And a fourth. And a fifth. All the way up to eight! That's right - you have to play eight games simultaneously. Eventually you just devolve into gibbering, drooling, button bashing idiot, and consider suicide as the music blares constantly in your ears, trying to multitask your way through eight games at once.

Like we said, we don't really know how we feel about this game! It's like some freakish nightmare, or a bizarre vision of hell. It's also pretty innovative!

F#ck This Game [Newgrounds]


    After 5 minutes, I can say it does exactly what it says on the tin....

    F*** that game.

    Well done Aaron.

    Eh. Good idea, but just too stressful and difficult to be fun. After the fourth screen I just stopped paying attention to the rest.


    That game is monstrous. Abandon all hope!

    Poo, it didn't work for me. Couldn't even press the Play button :(

    Sounded interesting though.

      I've heard of this happening sometimes and had it happen to me twice.
      My fix was to refresh the page.
      Other's fixes have been to try it in Firefox and/or Chrome (they and I use Opera mainly) and to update Flash.
      Hope you can get it to work ;)

    Hey, thanks for the post! I'm glad the pestering through email and Twitter worked ;)

    they had us do something similar in a pilot test for the army

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