LunchTimeWaster: K.O.L.M.

Flash games continue to blow me away. If this was released on Xbox LIVE today, as is, there is no doubt in my mind that I would shell out cash for it. K.O.L.M. is one of the most polished, engaging, and flat out incredible flash games I've played. Ever.

Like most flash games I end up falling in love with, K.O.L.M. is quite Metroid-esque, but the way in which the game is framed, the heartbreaking soundtrack and the sheer genius of its visual design has me hooked. You must play this game.

K.O.L.M. [Armor Games]


    *its* visual design

    (sorry. I can't resist)

    Have you broken the website? I only see this post.

    KOLM stands for Kind Of Like Metroid :P

    It was quite entertaining.

    What a nice little game - well worth playing and, as Mark suggests, it wouldn't be out of place in the Live Arcade.

    Man, that soundtrack was pretty awesome..

    It is basically just metroid, though. lol

    The soundtrack is outstanding. Got a bit stuck at times, but a really fun game.

    Amazing game, and like others said, the soundtrack was very good. My total score at the end was 10pts >_>

    Was really good until I broke it...robot disappeared and the room sort of slid upwards until i was just looking at black. Waited 5 minutes but nothing happened...

    KOLM Rocks!!

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