LunchTimeWaster: Pacmadness

Ironically, when Pacman dies, he eats himself. In Pacmad, developed by the same Frenchies who created the awesome Galaxy Jumper, Pacman does quite literally eat himself - but it's your job to avoid that grisly fate for as long as humanly possible.

Pacmad is much like those old LCD racing games where you switch between three directions in an attempt to avoid oncoming traffic. Typically, there's a clever twist. As Pacman, you must try and escape another bigger Pacman, by eating all the smaller Pacman in your vicinity to increase your own speed. Yep, Pacmad is 'meta'. It's also very clever. It's the circle of life people - literally.

Have a bash and let us know your record in the comments below.

Pacmad [One Life Remains]


    2' 26" 703"'
    I think i need to play again... and again!

    1 28 661 on first go

    1'21''998'''... Foolish game !!!!

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