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When I saw the title of this flash game, Love, I expected a soppy, possibly pretentious, flash game. What I got was a fun little tactile diversion, and an interesting, fresh mechanic that I'l love to see implemented into a more substantial game.

Love works on the idea of distance. You are a square. The closer you get to other squares, the more points (or happiness) you receive. If you get too close, the connection snaps and the game is over.

There are numerous friendly squares to get close to, but each is different, each responds with it's own sound and colour, and the experience ends up blending into a rewarding splurge of colour and tone. It's shallow, and more like the raw building block for an interesting game, but it's worth checking out none-the-less.

Love [Love]


    What an interesting game.

    Very interesting little game. Very relaxing. My only complaint is that it can be a bit hard to see exactly where your square is some times. I'd be interested to see how it would work on the iPhone or maybe even the Wii.

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