LunchTimeWaster: Zombie Baby Vomit

Poltergifts is a game where zombie babies pop open from well wrapped boxes, slowly approach and then vomit on you. Are you sure you want to play this game?

Poltergifts is also a game that features the best voice over we've ever heard in a flash game. It's worth playing just to hear the intro.

But what of the game itself? Well, it's kind of a Plants vs Zombies thing, if you replaced the well thought out strategy with a pretty fun element of chance. You open presents, the presents can contain either weapons or zombies - you must use the weapons to kill the zombies or DIIIEEEEEEE.

It's actually quite fun.

Poltergifts [Kongregate]


    It was ok for the first 5 mins but it would take ALOT of time to get to 6am (each round is 10 minutes).

    Its very repetative aswell, just pick up stuff, hold mouse button. Rinse, repeat.

    Kind cool tho

    Waaay too luck based. A lot of the time you'll get weapons at the beginning of rounds when you least need them and when there's nothing but enemies on the screen, you either play a lucky dip with the presents and either get a weapon (rarely) or more stuff to kill or get stuck punching em.

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