Man Hit SUV While Playing Real-Life Frogger

A 23-year-old man was hit by a Lexus SUV Monday while trying to play a real-life version of Frogger across a South Carolina highway, police say.

The man, who's name was not released, was listed in stable condition at an area hospital, according to WYFF 4 news.

Clemson police chief Jimmy Dixon told the station that the man and his friends were talking about playing Frogger and that prior to being hit by the Lexus the 23-year-old shouted "Go!" and darted into traffic.

Police: Man Hit By SUV During 'Frogger' Game [WYFF 4, thanks Kyle and Papsky]


    Much like in Frogger, natural selection reigns supreme. The quick survive and get to shag the girl frog whilst the slow get hit by cars

    Now that I write that, I'm not sure which is least preferrable

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