Man Steals Game Boy From Teen That Died On Christmas

Seventeen-year-old Bradley David-McCombs Jr. died in a tragic car accident on Christmas Day. On Monday night his family held a viewing at the Rairigh Funeral Home in Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania. That night, someone decided to steal his Game Boy.

McCombs, pictured here, died after his sport utility vehicle flipped on Route 553 in Cherryhill Township at about 9 a.m. on Saturday.

Family members say 38-year-old Jody Lynn Bennett stole a Game Boy, three games, and a Game Boy Light accessory from Bradley's casket on Monday night, fleeing the scene when confronted. State police are currently on the hunt for Bennett.

According to the suspect's aunt, the Bennetts are friends with the McCombs. She hopes the police catch up to her nephew soon.

"I sort of figured they would be looking for him," Dianna Bennett said Wednesday. "I wasn't there that night, but we all went over yesterday" to the funeral home.

Bennett said her nephew "has been into drugs, he's into alcohol. He's just messed up."

Man Accused Of Stealing From Casket Of Boy Who Died On Christmas []


    I get the feeling a joke about looting a corpse might be in poor taste. Probably because it's a pretty big dick move.

    Who the fuck steals a Gameboy Advance and a wormlight?

    FFS stealing something worth $10 at cashies from a corpse...

      ...stealing anything from a corpse is despicable.

    Why not give the GBA to the living?

    You may call me a dick for thinking of things like this, but no, I'm not saying stealing it was RIGHT. Stealing it was downright WRONG.
    (The cousin fucked up.)

    But if not stolen, think of it like this:
    Is the corpse REALLY going to suddenly wake up and play Super Mario Advance 4?
    (Buried, the intact system goes to waste, and the GBA is already in the rare numbers.)

    The cousin should have ASKED.
    Maybe the mother would say yes, realizing it would be symbolic to bury it with her son, yet he might not want it wasted on the soil.
    (Maybe not, saying no, sealing the system in.)

    The guy, grey morals or not, took the dick move and STOLE.
    (And will pay the price when caught.)

    I thought this story was dating back to 2003 or something.. but nope! This week? What the hell.

    A GBA, games and wormlight is like $5... resale value. And even then, just for the irony.

    PS: This guy's pretty scummy too.

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