Marvel vs. Capcom Competition: Update

We finally got word back from Capcom, and here's the deal. Turns out they're taking so long to choose a winner for two reasons. One, the quality of entries was very, very high; and two, both Capcom and Marvel have to decide on a winner. They've promised that we will have a winner before Christmas, so stay tuned. In the meantime, kindly enter this post and 'marvel' at the incredible quality of these entries. We have a lot of talented people here in our community.

Bounnong Sayamongsa

Dane Krams

Daniel Lucas

Edwar Del Villar

Eldwin Huynh

Marc Forza

Jin Chan Yum Wai

Louise Phillips

Matthew Phillips

Sacha Bryning


Gary Kew


    Awesome entries there! :) really great work!

    Mark, is this all the entries, or just some? I only ask because mine isn't there. eep

      Just got your email, don't think I ever received an entry from you. If you send it in super quickly, I'll see if I can shoot it over.

        I remember your [email protected] account bounced a couple of times so I was a bit nervous about it. thanks a bunch if I can make it in, otherwise it was still fun to draw, so no big deal :)

    Those are all fantastic.





    HOLY SHIT!!!

    I am so glad i didn't enter now - bahaha. That is so effing epic!!!

    Guys... seriously... OMGWTFBBQ!!!


    ... My mind is melting!

    Awesome entries, peeps.

    Funny, though, but I keep seeing Ryu's belt in Marc Forza's entry as some weird gimpy legs...

    Yay! Thanks for the update Mark! Sadly for me, being one of the entrants, there's been even more impressive entries since the first preview. Damn you people bringing down my chances! No I jest, good luck to all, whoever is picked for the win will surely deserve it.

    err, are these all the entries?, cause im 100% sure i sent mine, i sent you a screencap to [email protected]

      Same thing happened to me, I entered at 11:45 just before the deadline and it never went through. Hope you got your entry in!

    Yowza! The detail on some of these are astounding!
    you're all winners to me!

    Wow I really like the new entries from Daniel Lucas and Edwar Del Villar impeccable detail and composition. Would not mind if either one of these two wins except for my own of course :)

    If this is the entirety of the entries submitted I don't blame capcom and marvel for taking so long to select a winner. It must be difficult.

    I had hopes but now after seeing the competition I feel a bit flawed. Wished I had more time to work on my own.

    Anyway good luck to everyone who entered. Fantastic work!

    I'm really impressed by all the entries, each one in a unique style. I love all the character interactions in everybody's work - something you don't normally see in the 'official art' were everyone is just posing.

    I'm especially taken with Dane Krams' piece - I just want to keep looking at all the cute characters, nice work!

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