Mass Effect 3 Coming To 3 Platforms Simultaneously

BioWare's next big sci-fi role-playing game, Mass Effect 3, will come to the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 "simultaneously" in 2011, putting an end to the series' former console exclusivity once and for all.

That means PlayStation 3 owners will get double the Mass Effect next year, since Mass Effect 2 is due in January, Mass Effect 3 during the holiday season.


    Now if they can just release Mass Effect 1 on PS3 it'll actually be worth playing. What point is a trilogy if you can only watch the second and third?

    Please :(

      I think Microsoft Game Studios still has a hand on the first installment, thus making it difficult (if not, impossible) to bring the first one to PS3.

      MS own the publishing rights to that one.

      But the PS3 version of ME2 apparently comes with some kind of interactive comic thingy which will fill you in on the story from ME1 and let you make the key decisions along the way so you can catch up on the story and develop your character as you do so.

        Is this true? :O Missing all the back-story was pretty much the only thing holding me back from getting this game on PS3.

      The PC version of ME1 is far superior to the 360 one, mainly because of the command console that makes extra playthroughs beyond the 1st or 2nd bareable (this is coming from a console gamer). Most tech savvy people would have a PC or even laptop capable of playing it.

      A PS3 version would suck, trust me. It's mainly because you cannot change your class (or face, or gender) without starting a whole new game, and that means level 1 everything and basic gear. So if you've played through 2 or 3 times, experienced gameplay at max level with the best gear, it's a massive turnoff when you want to try playing as a different class because you lose everything that you've spent the last 60 hours with. All this can be avoided with the PC version.

      ME2 on the 360 is completely different though. You can do basically anything PC gamers can do without any modding except for adjusting power cooldowns and engine-side stuff.

        I've clocked ME three times on xbox and twice on PC, will certainly agree that the PC version is much more crisp.

        That said, I prefer ME over ME2 (bugs aside). The story and character development was much more involved and fun in the first.

    wow... maybe Ubi should intern with Bioware... figure out how to get PC out at the same time as the other platforms.

    Wow, a pig gain for PS3 fans but a big blow for MS. I can't believe they let this one slip away... I'm guessing they're trying to spend more money on Kinect titles instead of trying to pay to keep things exclusive now.

      I think the reason they cut it loose is because it simply wasn't selling enough to warrant an exclusivity deal with ea, they wanted it to be selling halo or gears numbers but it wasn't.

        I'm surprised it didn't sell as well as them, I personally enjoyed ME 1&2 more then GOW or Halo

      They didn't really have much choice when Bioware was picked up by EA and there is no reason for EA not to release it on multiple platforms. EA was always going to try to force multi-plat because it has no reason as a third-party publisher to keep it exclusive, especially after the review scores that ME2 got.

    You know, usually when people divide their time and budget into 3 like this, the PC version comes out broken and unoptimised. I know it's Bioware we're talking about but the Mass Effect series isn't Dragon Age, it's a console game first, PC game second. The PC version of ME2 was already missing a couple of key things any standard PC game has.

    I'm probably just being paranoid here. It's not like Bioware have ever totally screwed the PC version of a game.

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