Mass Effect 3 Will Be A Battle For Earth

A listing for Mass Effect 3 popped up on the EA online store today, and a plot description describes a fight to take back planet Earth.

The listing for the PC version of the game was spotted by gaming blog Destructoid today. The official summary on EA's store states:

Earth is burning. Striking from beyond known space, a race of terrifying machines have begun their destruction of the human race. As Commander Shepard, an Alliance Marine, your only hope for saving mankind is to rally the civilizations of the galaxy and launch one final mission to take back the Earth.

The listing is for the PC version of the game

We contacted EA for comment, but have not heard back. In the interim, the listing for the game was taken down.

We've been expecting new Mass Effect games of some sort since earlier this year, when EA execs began promising something big from the series in 2011. Last month, a mysterious trailer for an upcoming BioWare game promised a revelation of a new game, expected to be in the Mass Effect universe at this weekend's Video Game Awards on Spike TV. We reported that the game would be a multiplayer Mass Effect spin-off. The listing spotted today suggests that we were in error and that ME3 is coming next.

There is no release date listed for the game.

EA Store's Mass Effect 3 listing [via Destructoid]



    Mass Effect 2 is the best games in years.

    In such a huge and rich cultural galaxy, where planets and populations disappear it's a bit of a letdown that the final front will be Earth. I was hoping for an inter-galactic adventure.

      im going to guess shepard is going to have to travel around a bit to "rally the civilizations of the galaxy", i cant imagine he'll just be ringing them all from his flat on earth.

      To bend your own description to my will: in such a huge and rich cultural galaxy, where planets and populations disappear, how could the final chapter in Shepard's story be about anything other than making sure that doesn't happen to Earth?

      With that said, the key phrase in there for me is "Shepard's story". I do hope that once this particular story is done we'll get to enjoy a new one which focuses less on humans, because as you say there is so much in the fiction of Mass Effect to draw on and so much more to create.

      I think it's likely the whole galaxy will be involved to a certain degree, this synopsis is probably a little inaccurate. However, I do think it makes sense for Earth to be a focus. The Reapers have been extremely interested in humans, ever since Shepard was responsible for the death of Sovereign. It's why they SPOILERS

      chose humans as the race for making a new Reaper, and it's why they'll go after the human home planet first, to bring down what they perceive as their greatest threat. I doubt the finale will actually be purely about Earth though. There were a lot of Reapers in the final shot of ME2 (something like 295 on-screen, or so I heard), and I can't imagine that all of them would just go after Earth. What about the Citadel, at the very least?

      END SPOILERS It'll most likely be a case of travelling around the galaxy, recruiting races in the way that you recruited team members in ME2, then tearing it down to Earth and wherever else is being attacked, and shredding the Reapers for good.

      They're just taking the Halo 3 route. As for why Earth... Remember, we still haven't visited Earth in the series, we've been to the Sol System, but not actually had a good look around.

      Considering that so many of the amazing planets we've seen have merely been colonies, I'm excited at what Bioware will do to Earth, which is the bed of humanity and apparently one of the most developed and important planets in the Galaxy.

      It won't likely resemble anything we've seen. I welcome ME3 being set there.

      I dunno it kind of makes sense that they would strike at humanity seeing as in both games its been predominantly human organizations that gave them the scooby doo.

      Funnily enough there probably is enough pro-earth pride existing in the real life population for this to seem appropriately epic, so I imagine that's part of it. Plus I suppose it would be difficult to imagine someone who plays as a racist shephard caring TOO much about some other species' homeworld being destroyed by sentient machines... You know, say, the Quarians? :P

      It does make reasonable sense for the reapers to target humans first though. As well as the above reasons, the humans are the ones pushing the boundaries of the external space, they're currently in the most powerful position in the citadel hierachy, and depending on what path you chose the other species' navies were utterly crippled in ME1.

    Wait, didnt I do this last game?

      correct observation

    Part of me is sad that the Mass Effect trilogy is coming to an end but then again I can't wait to start playing. Though I'm not sure if I really want to play much on earth, would be nice to see what Bioware depicts earth to look like in the Mass Effect universe.

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