Mass Effect Scrolls 3: Skyrim

What happens when you slap on the audio from The Elder Scrolls V's first teaser trailer onto the Mass Effect 3 equivalent? Things... seem to work out surprisingly fine.

Better than YouTube user Solgineer's other recent audio-visual mashup, the Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer set to Tears For Fears music? You'll have to be the judge of that.


    There's probably a point here about how similar game plots and trailers are nowadays :)

    That's pretty awesome.

    clearly it's a ruse, there is no Mass effect 3 or skyrim, just one game: Mass Effect 5: Skyrim.

      That would be: Mass Fallout Dragon Effect 4: Skyrim of Ages 2

    It's almost like they're done to a formula!

    "In a world where ...."

    That works surprisingly well, the part where the "truth finally dawns" and the scene lights up works particularly nicely.

    Did anyone notice the strangely similar voice actors present in the recent Spike trailers?

    (Faux) Sam Worthington - Arkham City (spec ops leader) and Mass Effect 3 (narrator) trailers

    (Faux) Christopher Lee - Arkham City (as Strange) and Skyrim (narrator) trailers


      Max Von Syndow is gonna slap you around.

      Also, Arkham? I don't think you know what Christopher Lee sounds like.

    I 'spose I've been playing too much WoW when I was hoping that their defeat was "merely a setback"...

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