Massive Metal Gear Figure, Or Tiny Hands?

Square Enix, who don't just make video games but also detailed action figures, looks to be set to add to its line of Metal Gear Solid toys. Series creator Hideo Kojima posted photos of new prototype figures.

It's unclear whether this is one figure with interchangeable heads or a line with similar bodies, but in one pic you can see Snake in a Battle Suit, in another Kaz in a Battle Suit, and in the third, loose heads! That's Snake, Kaz, Raiden and...little help, Metal Gear fans, on the guy on the far left?

カズ?!バトルスーツ?!サングラスは取れる?! [Twitter]


    Old (Solid) Snake in OctoCamo mask?

    all those awesome figures and i cant help notice her teeth.

    Her teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth

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