Microsoft Wants To "Quadruple" Kinect's Accuracy

While Kinect's hardware is locked in and finalised, the firmware that controls it is flexible and able to be upgraded. And that's exactly what Microsoft is planning on doing, according to a report on Eurogamer.

It's being reported that Microsoft is currently investigating ways of improving the compression technology that dictates how much code can run through the peripheral at any one time. This would mean an increase in the camera's resolution, which while currently restricted to 320x240 resolution could be unlocked to run at 640x480.

This would not only mean alcearer picture, but would also mean Kinect games would be able to track a user's individual finger movements, something only possible at the moment via third-party hacks.

Apparently the current limitations are in place because of the console's USB controller interface, which has to be kept open enough to support other peripherals like battery rechargers.

Microsoft's work on improving Kinect would thus focus on getting more code through the "gate" reserved for the motion-sensing camera.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Source: MS quadrupling Kinect accuracy [Eurogamer]


    Will it still be as laggy as all hell? And similarly impossible to play any games that DIDNT start on Wii 3 years ago?

    Count them with me... Your Shape, Sports Island, EA Active... Plus Michael Jackson is merely Just Dance with a monochromatic lead.

    More like, 'Microsoft Wants To Quadruple their profits by selling you more peripherals that should have been in the initial design'

      Umm.. firmware updates would most likely be free...

    No love for Microsoft here =/

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