Minecraft Enters Beta, Is Now V1.0

Indie darling Minecraft took a big step towards a final, proper release today, with the game officially leaving "alpha" stage and entering "beta". Next time you play, you'll be playing Minecraft v1.0.

The shift to beta was made with the promise of improvements and additions to the game, and the first of those come in the form of a server-side inventory system (which will hurt "cheaters" hacking the game to gain unlimited items) along with... the ability to throw eggs.

As the game moves to v1.0, it's worth taking a look at where it's come: from its beginnings as a quirky little game released in 2009, it's since spread exploded in popularity - almost solely through word-of-mouth - to the point where, at time of writing, Minecraft had sold 850,000 copies.

For a game made by one man and maintained by only a handful, with no advertising budget, that's... well, it's undoubtedly the success story of the year.



    Awesome. will update at work today. My partner learnt WASD and mouse controls for this game last week. She also dreams in block-form and wants to import fabric swatches for textures. I can't get near the computer anymore.

    dont play teh beta yet D:
    laggy and hell and multiplayer was broken
    (no its not my system)
    he has promised a fix tommorow...

    Bare in mind two of those copies were bought by me after my first log in stopped working, months of emailing notch and i never got a reply, so I bought another copy. -_- Still i had to have my minecraft shot

    Does he have a bloody hand because of low health? If so that's pretty cool

      Something tells me that's more to do with a custom player skin.

    A tremendous amount of credit should be due to the Youtube director Seananners for promoting this game; millions of people watched his minecraft vids which were really the first time the game had been seen en masse.

    It'd be really interesting to see the correlation between the release of his videos and the sales numbers of the game.


    Please. Can you give a save? Of course, if you have one.

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