Minecraft Transformed Into 'Scribblecraft'

There's a certain charm to Minecraft's look, but this new mod by Kristopher Bel kinda transforms it into a kind of twee Yoshi's Island-style universe where everything looks like it was drawn with crayons.

We love it. The closer you get to the textures themselves the more visually apparent the changes become, and some of the screenshots below just look fantastic. I've yet to hop onboard the Minecraft hype train, but this mod is making it difficult to resist. I'll cave soon!

Minecraft Mod Watch: Scribblecraft [IndieGames via Joystiq]


    That actually looks really cool and goes well with the existing 'block' art style. Well done to the artist.

    Aw, From the title I was imagining a Minecraft-Scribblenauts crossover.

      same. like for example, you type in chainsaw, then you get a chainsaw for a tool. that would be fun, but too easy.

      I was hoping that too for some reason, but I really, really like the aesthetic all the same.

    This kind of makes me think of a Warner Brothers style cartoon. I kind of expect it to be more desert-like. You know, like the Road Runner Show. Especially with the cartoon-y TNT box.

    Thanks so much for writting about this. Just to let you know its Kristopher Bel there is a typo in the article.

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