Minecraft's Music Video Debut Scores Over 9000!

Hipster darling and Kotaku reader Armand Mirpour's latest music video features a blink-and-you'll-miss-it one of PC's most popular games, Minecraft.

Mirpour's a big gamer, saying, "I really enjoy video games! Super Smash Bros in particular." And he loves Dragonball, adding, "I've seen all the episodes, read the manga twice and watched all of the stand alone movies - even the horrible ones, like Bio Broly!" He owns many of the games ands that with the exception of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, they aren't so amazing.

"The whole intro segment in the office is based on a real life experience I had working as a telecom person for a week," says the singer, who also wrote the video's script. "It was horribly dull, and I spent my time playing Minecraft instead of doing actual work. Work in Minecraft felt amazingly more constructive anyways." Mirpour was a bit ahead of the Minecraft boom, saying the fact that the developer was a fellow Swede along with the fact that you could make LEGO out of anything got him hooked.

The singer is currently at work on his debut album and playing video games. Check out his debut single here.

Armand Mirpour [Tumblr]


    This is freaking horrible.

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