Monday Night Combat Smashes Keyboards, Releasing On Steam

Monday Night Combat, one of the year's surprise hits on Xbox Live Arcade, will be released on PC next month.

While a first glance may have you wondering why, since being a cartoon-based team shooter it's firmly on Team Fortress 2's turf, you're not being very fair. Monday Night Combat is its own creature, as much a fast-paced game of tower defence as it is a straight-up shooter.

If you pre-purchase the game on Steam now, you'll get access to the beta which begins on December 16. If you want to wait, the game's proper release date is January 17.

We reviewed the Xbox 360 version earlier this year, and liked it. A lot.


    My DL GOTY, and it Was recently given some more love through some free DLC. Uber Ent are all kinds of awesome, and I have double dipped on this bad boy for the PC.

    High, stable framerate + K/M controls + modding support from PC community = fantasgasm!

    Looks a lot funner then TF2 plus unlike TF2 it has a female character. Definitely getting this.

      Having a female character helped you decide it was better than a game without?

      And yeah, TF2 has no women, ignoring that wonderfully seductive Announcer.

    Please don't make a mistake and leave it P2P.

      @Jake Miles, it lists dedicated servers as a feature in the steam game description. Looks like we don't need to worry!

    Does it have hats? I won't play it unless it DOESN'T have hats. Hat Fortress 2 = no good

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