Monday Night Combat's New Spunky Cola Refreshes

Xbox Live Arcade hit Monday Night Combat quenches your thirst for new ways to play - without having to pay - tomorrow, December 1, when the "Spunky Cola" add-on comes to the team-based shooter with a little tower defence flavour.

What does one get with the Spunky Cola downloadable content? The new Survivitol Arena and Spunky Cola Arenas, for starters, which are Crossfire and Blitz gametypes, respectively. There are also edible Churros (delicious!), All Star Mode levelling changes, new private game options and a long, long list of balance changes.

Spunky Cola Special Free DLC out Wednesday December 1st [Uber Entertainment]


    Somewhere, hidden in the screen, is a can of Spunkee Cola.. see if you can spot it...

    I hopped on to play this the other night but couldn't find a single game :-(

    Hopefully the update brings some Aussie players back. In case anyone wants to play it's Live GT: Arnhell

      I'm adding you (GT: perrybible) - let's do this.

      Downloading the update NOW.

      I too have had all sorts of trouble finding players at night time - the game is still well patronised in the states because I've been able to get in during the day - but I work for a living so it's not a great option

      Add me to if u like GT: N0NEoftheAB0VE
      I will 9 times out of 10 drop what I'm doing to play MNC

    If this drink does something to gameplay, I sense TF2 rip-off.

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