Mortal Kombat Gets X-ray Fight Sticks, Cool Kollector's Edition

Get over here if you want to see the premium ways you can purchase a copy of next year's Mortal Kombat, the grisly fighting game that's going back to basics on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Online retailer GameStop has new listings for the tournament edition of Mortal Kombat, complete with customised MK Fight Sticks with an old-school arcade design and traditional button layouts. The sticks are built with Suzo Happ arcade parts, have plenty of room for storage and sport easy viewing of the controller's innards for easy customisation.

That version runs a cool $US149.99 on both PS3 and Xbox 360. It also comes with a few downloadable bonuses, like the classic character costumes and avatar gear for the 360.

A cheaper option is the Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition.

That version features fancy packaging that holds "kollectible figurines" of Scorpion and Sub-Zero that double as video game bookends. Your $US99.99 also gets you an Art of Mortal Kombat book and a few decorative digital bonuses.


    Good morning Mark, how are you?

    Any Australian info on these?

      Yeah, double the cost.

    Does version 2 get us both book ends... or only one?

    It'll be interesting to see the comparison of this stick to the SF4 stick that has been the top of the heap for the past 2 years. While it looks solid it does look smaller and the button layout will reduce the chances of being able to use it with anything else.

    I think I've crossed every body part possible, please let this come to australia!

    I know that they only made a certain amount, so I'm not getting my hopes up

    Uh... can anyone tell me why there's a weird button layout?

    Apparently they're going for the 1 button per limb approach, but Tekken takes the same approach and has the same layout as Street Fighter...

      It's not weird for MK.

      The 2D MK games used a basic 5-button layout - high punch, low punch, high kick, low kick and block. MK3 added a 6th button (run) which stayed until the series went 3D last generation.

      From the gameplay videos I've seen it doesn't appear as if this game will be using the run button, so that 5-button layout would be ideal for it. That's going on the assumption that the game will use the more traditional controls, rather than the control scheme that was used in Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon.

      Having said that, I'm not sure what that extra sixth button would be used for (a "throw" button, maybe?), and why it's not simply placed further up to create the more traditional 2-rows-of-3 buttons so the stick can be more easily used for other games.

        No, what's strange is they're apparently not running with the traditional control style, but a Tekken-like button-per-limb system, which beggars belief why they'd stick with the old style layout.

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