'My Blackberry Is Not Working' And Other Fine British Puns

BBC one's The One Ronnie comedy sketch show successfully combines old men, food and technology puns in an impressively effective way, one that pays off with a most delightful video game gag. Thanks to ibro911!


    This is perfect comedy! I wish more like this would come to Australian screens.

      You mean technology/gaming comedy or British comedy?

      If you mean British comedy you should know there's quite a lot of British comedy shows that get shown on ABC 2. It's often old stuff but it's still pretty good.

      If you mean tech/gaming comedy I can't really help you. There was Pure Pwnage that was airing on ABC 2 after Good Game but I don't know if that's still on. Appart from that the only other way to get tech/gaming comedy on TV is to watch somthing like 30 Rock which throws in a tech joke here and there. Community on GO looks like it would have tech/gaming jokes in it but I've never watched that.

    ha that was great

    eggsbox, 3 60

    Feels a bit strange with only one Ronnie, though.

    HAHA, brilliant!

    that was freakin awesome

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