NASA Tables Plan To Expose Monkeys To Gamma Radiation

Protests from animal rights activists have put a moratorium on NASA plans to expose 27 squirrel monkeys to gamma-ray radiation. Researchers hoped to simulate the effects of space radiation on humans, but protesters claim the experiment's cruel and unnecessary.

The experiment was put in limbo after PETA obtained documents detailing the experiment using the Freedom of Information Act. According to a representative from the Brookhaven National Laboratory (where the experiment was slated to be conducted), the decision to proceed is now in NASA's hands. From

In a brief statement posted Dec. 8 on NASA's website, the agency said it will move forward only after completing a comprehensive review of its current research and technology development plans to see how they align with President Obama's plan for human spaceflight [...]The radiation study would reportedly expose the monkeys to radiation similar to what astronauts would experience on a three-year voyage.

PETA has charged not only that the experiment was cruel, but that the differences between the monkeys and humans would make it impossible to generate usable data, and that the single large dose of radiation would not simulate astronauts' extended exposure.

Frankly, I think this is all for the best. The last thing society needs is any more of those damn Super Apes running around. The evidence just speaks for itself:

[Image of the Super Apes via Grantbridge Street; Titano via Puer Evol.]


    Gamma radiation? Don't they know that's what turned Bruce Banner in to the Hulk? How would giant green apes be a help to anyone? This is MADNESS!

      Good lord. Can you imagine what a Hulkified, rage filled, gamma irradiated, poop-throwing monkey would be like?

    I think, from now on, anytime PETA wishes to boycott such an experiment... they should provide a testing alternative.

    Like testing on PETA members instead.

      That would certainly provide more accurate and useful results.

        I am not sure that vegans are even a viable test subject to compare to humans.

    Wait, Superman can throw things back in time? Sigh...

      He sent a mutate ape back in time .. where it probably breed and created a race of super apes so that in an alternative universe humans were wiped out thanks to Supermans meddling ways.

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